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KSL Logistics is offering custom clearance, cargo, documentation and transportation of goods. All can be done in one place.

We have gathered the agents around UAE so that you can easily send cargo to India from Dubai.

These agents make sure that your loved ones receive the packages through a secured channel. They are well known for their door to door cargo services from Dubai to India.

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Cargo Services We Offer

KSL offers cost-effective, fast and reliable cargo services from Dubai to India. They have the most efficient and active chain that is currently working in Dubai. The shipping method is authentic, fast and professional. You can parcel gifts to your special ones that are living in India and not to worry about delivery time at all. We will deliver your products at any place in India in less time.

Our staff is working day and night to offer reliable door to door cargo services in India from Dubai. They are a team of professionals and experienced staff. Due to its dedicated team members, KSL Logistics has become one of the popular companies in UAE.

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Who We Are?

KSL logistics has a well-established network all around UAE with a highly professional crew that manages the services in a really good and dedicated manner. We also offer door to door services.

You just need to inform us about your location and the place where you want to deliver your package. The KSL team will be at your place as soon as possible and will ready your package to deliver it to the desired place.

Why Choose KSL Logistics?

We are highly motivated to provide great services to our customers. Main services that are provided by KSL Logistics are:

  • Shipment of Cargo
  • Sea cargo Forward service
  • Shipment of Container

Your package is 100% safe and secure with KSL as the packing is done professionally though the package is small or large. You can also secure your package by using an insurance policy.

It is a policy that is beneficial for you.

The satisfaction of their customers is our main priority. That is why we work efficiently and securely to deliver your cargo from Dubai to India.

Why Customers Love Us?

KSL has competent and eager management which ensures to provide the best cargo services for India. Our main goal is to achieve the satisfaction of our clients.

We provide International services that deliver directly from Dubai to India. We also deliver commercial packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Courier charges depend on the weight of the package and the location where you want your parcel to be delivered.

The sea cargo charges per kg from Dubai to India depends on how much cargo you want to send and what is the weightage of that parcel. Other than these custom rates vary for different products.

The cheapest way is to send it through local mail services.

KSL is providing the most economical rates that vary on the weight of the parcel.

Cargo Service To India By Sea

If you are looking for efficient, cheap and quick delivery services then you are in right place. We make sure that charges are easy on the pocket of our clients and delivery should be as quick as possible. We make sure to offer cheap cargo rates from Dubai to India by sea.

They offer the following services:

  • Shipping services
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Cargo services
  • Relocation services
  • Courrier services
  • Parcel collection and pick up services
  • Parcel drop off near me
  • Doorstep pick up and delivery services

Fast Shipping Services

KSL is providing excellent door to door services all over India. Our experienced management offers the best online services for delivering your packages. KSL Logistics have made their name in the cargo business due to their hard work and efficiency.

Our less time and low rates are what drive customers to us. Due to our vast spread network, we are offering the lowest rates for door to door services.

Door to Door Cargo services To India by Sea

KSL Logistics has achieved a new milestone. Now we are offering door to door cargo services from Dubai to India. It means that we can collect your parcel from any place in Dubai and make sure to deliver it to the exact address you want to send it.

KSL is offering cargo services from Dubai to India by sea shipping only at the moment. The sea cargo charges per kg from Dubai to India are quite reasonable.

Delivery of All kinds of Products

You can deliver every kind of products like clothes, toys, machinery, furniture, or anything you like through KSL. We are providing the best economical rates with full security of your valuables.

Reasonable cargo rates and Fast Delivery

KSL Logistics provide all their services in reasonable rates and give you the fastest and safest cargo services from Dubai to India.

SL Logistics is one of the well-known company that is offering its services from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and Ras-Al-Khaimah.

Cargo Services

KSL Logistics is providing cheap and reliable cargo services to India from Abu Dhabi. We make sure to provide efficient door to door services to their customers. You can send your packages to the desired place in 2-3 days.
It has now become easy to send cargo to India from Sharjah. You can send your parcel through KSL without worries. They will give you all the tracking details to make your shipment secure. Their team provides one of the best cargo services from Sharjah to India.
If you want to send cargo from Fujairah to India then KSL is your go-to option. Cheap, reliable, and efficient service in less amount and reduced amount of risk of theft and damage.
Sending cargo to your loved ones from Ras-Al-Khaimah is not difficult now as KSL is offering their services from there too. You can ship your cargo from Ras-Al-Khaimah to India safely and efficiently.
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